​Honey is a very sweet Chiweenie. She is estimated to be about 3 years old. She is very friendly, good with other dogs, cats, and kids. She recently gave birth to four very healthy little pups. Bridgett, Bandit, Bonnie and Brewsky. Once they are all spayed and neutered they will be ready for adoption!!



Bridgett      Bandit      Bonnie     Brewsky


Pepper, Basil, And Cinnamon 

These approx. 7 week old  Schnauzer Terrier mixes were intercepted en route to the SBC shelter. They were under the 8 week minimum and would have been killed same day!!! All three are up to date on shots, de-wormed, and have flea prevention. Pepper, pictured on the left is the only one of the bunch that is adopted to date.

Pepper                Basil             Cinnamon

ADOPTED         ADOPTED          ADOPTED                                            

This sweet little girl was intercepted before she could make it inside of the SBC Shelter. She found her forever home.


​Small Tails BFR recently took in four  male kittens from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. They have a strict policy on not feeding animals under 8 weeks old, if they are dropped off under that mark they are put to sleep that day at 4pm. These kittens came into the shelter while we were waiting for our rescues, knowing what the future held for them we happily took the kittens from the shelter. These 4-5 week old kittens are doing great. They are great around other animals and children. As soon as they reach the 2 pound mark they will all be neutered and ready to be adopted. 



Minnie & Sassy,

This mother and daughter came to our rescue recently from a local family who could no longer care for them. They are both slightly timid but after a few minutes of warming up they are very loving dogs. They are both full grown weighing around 4 pounds. They are pure Maltese. They are both current on vaccines, micro-chipped, and spayed.


Mellie, pictured on the left, came to us as a pregnant cat. 4 weeks ago she gave birth to three precious kittens. 

The three kittens will be available to go to their forever homes after March 10th.



Thorn         Daisy          Rose


Mama Coco

Mama coco came to Small Tails with her six tiny puppies from Imperial Animal Shelter. She was very timid around people at first but eventually her loving personality came out. She is potty trained and walks well on a leash.

Mama CoCo


Badger      Moose    Bambi  Grizzly ADOPTED  ADOPTED ADOPTED ADOPTED   Bear  Winnie  

Bodie and Minnie came in with their mama Mellie, they are two very friendly cats. Brother and sister were adopted TOGETHER!!!


Small Tails Best Friend Rescue


This cute little boy loves to just sit on your lap and enjoy TV with you. He is neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated. ​ADOPTED


This cute white and black male is a little lover kitten. He loves playing with other kittens as well as his foster family. He is neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated. 


Stormy is also a mama cat whom we rescued from the shelter. She is very friendly and great with dogs. She is looking for a forever home now that her kittens are grown.



​Mama molly came to us with her six puppies in tow. She is believed to be a Rat Terrier Mix. Mama Molly and her puppy Brody are still available for adoption. Both are fully vetted and looking for their forever homes.


​Foxy is an amazingly friendly Chihuahua. She is estimated to be between 2-3 years old. She is good with other dogs, cats, and children. She is potty trained and does well on a leash. Hope is her newborn puppy. Hope is available to go to her forever home March 10th.





Mama Emmy

This sweet loving mama came to us from the Imperial Animal Shelter with her three tiny puppies. She is currently nursing them and will be for about another four weeks. She is approx 2 years old. She is believed to be a schnauzer mix.



This cutie is a very mellow lover, he loves sitting on your lap and enjoying your company. He is neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated.

Mama Charlotte 

Charlotte is a 2 year old pug chihuahua mix that was rescued from the Imperial Animal Shelter. Not only did this amazing mama nurse her own two pups she also nursed these three foster puppies we brought in around the same time. Madison, George, and Carter are poodle chihuahua mixes. These little cuties will be ready to go home at the end of July. Pre-Adoptions are now starting. 



     George     Carter


Bronx, Chelsea, and Brooklyn

These three Chihuahua/Pug mixes are approx 7 weeks old. These puppies were intercepted prior to being surrendered at the San Bernardino Shelter, since they were under the 8 week mark they would have been put down same day!!! All three are up to date on shots, de-wormed, and have flea prevention. 

Bronx                Chelsea               Brooklyn

ADOPTED        ADOPTED             ADOPTED


​This sweet mama came to us pregnant from the Imperial Valley Animal Shelter. Once we got her home and comfortable she gave birth to 6 healthy puppies six hours later! All puppies will be able to go home 01/29. They are terrier poodle mixes and will be medium sized dogs once full grown. Mama is about 35 pounds.


Aurora    Winter    Orion        ADOPTED ADOPTED ​ADOPTED 

Kodiak     Bear     Timber      ADOPTED ​ ​ADOPTED  ADOPTED                 


​This little guy came to us as a bottle baby from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. He is such a little playful boy, he is neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated.